Personalized facial cleansig brush and anti-aging device

The revolutionary LUNA 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to aging skin. The LUNA 2 is now available in four varieties, so you can select the one that is tailored to your skin type.

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Foreo has introduced a new generation of LUNA devices. Foreo LUNA 2 in one device offers personalised facial and anti-aging mode.  Compared to the predecessor, it has 2 times more powerful sonic cleaning. Double-powered engine through soft silicone touch points can deliver up to 8,000 T-Sonic ™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute, from now on with 12 intensities, for even deeper cleansing that remains gently on the skin.

In the offer you have 4 different types of brushes adapted to your skin type. 

Along with face cleansing, device also provides anti-aging treatment. To reduce visibility of wrinkles and to make the skin firmer and smoother, LUNA 2 performs low intensity pulsations through concentric folds on the back of device. 


  • Cleansing the skin and removing up to 99.5% dirt, sebum and rest of the makeup 
  • Gently removing dead skin cells, pores purification and better absorption of skin care products. 
  • Reducing visibility of extended pores and smoothing out the skin texture
  • Firming the skin 

Only 2 minutes (in the morning and in the evening) a day of using this device is enough to see the results. 



  1. Apply a facial cleanser and damp LUNA 2, then turn it on by pressing the main button. 
  2. Cleansing: with slow and circular motions LUNA 2 cleans the face for 1 minute.
  3. Wash your face with water, dry it and put on your skincare products if desired.
  4. Activate anti-age function and press the back side of device on areas prone to wrinkles, for 1 minute.

Device also comes with the instructions which parts of face should be treated, and it warns you when it's time to move on other part of face. It applies for cleansing and for anti-aging function.



As you already know I've been  testing LUNA and LUNA MINI devices so far and I am extremely happy with them, so I thought the new generation in the form of LUNA 2 couldn't disappoint me with the results.  Immediately after first use skin became softer and smoother, and with every new use results were more and more convincing - skin became glossy.  It cleans the skin excellent, while it's very gentle.  There is no irritation and the pores are deeply cleansed. Make sure that you don't use products that contain alcohol, petroleum products or acetone, as they may irritate the skin. Also, products based on clay or silicone should be avoided, as well as various mechanical peels that contain coarse particles because it could damage the soft silicone brush. To make sure that you are using the right products, I suggest you using the ones by FOREO, for day and night care. I recommend them because they are truly great, and cleaning with LUNA device will be even more successful. Anti-aging treatment is also very comfortable and as I said, it encourages better absorption of skin care products.


The speciality of each LUNA product, including LUNA 2, is hidden in special design. Specifically, it has unique silicone brush that is not porous, prevents bacterial accumulation and has very very soft silicone bristles. It's 100% waterproof so you can use it while showering, and one charge can take up to 7 months, which is realy fascinating. There is no need for changing the brush – it means that you won't have to invest in it after you buy it. Also, it comes with 2 years limited warranty and 10 years quality guarantee.



Both LUNAs are available in different versions  for specific skin types. The LUNA original is available in three versions: combination skin, sensitive/normal skin, and ultra-sensitive skin.  The LUNA 2 is offering a few more options  – ultra-sensitive, a separate sensitive version, and an oily skin version.  The versions available include: oily, combination, normal, and sensitive. 

The new generation of LUNA devices has improved T-Sonic technology: 2 times more powerful engine for greater efficiency and 12 intensity for personalised skin care. 

Second generation of brush head has 50% larger brush area for even more effective cleaning and longer touching points for gentler cleansing and greater reach. 

So, the significant and immediately noticeable difference between the mentioned models is in the brush surface. It is twice the size of original LUNA, which is definitely advantage because it covers more skin. For me, this is the main advantage of this model. The bristles of the brush are longer and a little thinner, which ensure even more gentle cleansing. It should be mentioned that the brush of the first model is also very very gentle and soft. About anti-aging function – surface has also increased and concentric folds are now extended further out from the device . They are actually a bit rough now, but don't take me too serious, both LUNA and LUNA 2 are extremely gentle and soft. In fact, you almost can't  feel those differences .  It is stated that the LUNA 2 engine is 2 times more powerful, and that there are 12 speeds available, every new is welcome, but in my opinion that's not important. LUNA has 8 speeds and I used only 2 of them, so I don't really need 12 speeds. What I can notice is that on LUNA 2 silicone is thicker and it's a little bit harder to press the turn on button, but of course it doesn't decrease efficacy of work. Also, LUNA 2 is bigger and heavier therefore previous model is more handy. But the difference is small, both devices are great, easy to handle, lightweight, gentle, with fantastic battery and excellent results. 


If you aren't sure which FOREO LUNA to pick up, I'd recommend  going for the LUNA 2. It's a little more expensive than original LUNA but it is definitely worth it, thanks to all new improvements - bigger surface of a brush, more flexible touch-points and more speeds. But if you already have the original LUNA and you are wondering if you should replace it with a new one, my answer is – no. As I said, both LUNAs are great, gentle, soft and results are visible. My answer also depends on wether or not  LUNA 2 will  give you more personalised treatment for your special skin type. For example, if you find that LUNA for sensitive skin is too rough for you, but the ultra-sensitive too gentle, you may consider picking up  LUNA 2 for sensitive skin – it is a great 'in-between' pad. 

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