FOREO Luna Mini Review

FOREO Luna Mini Review


The LUNA mini is a vibrant, palm-sized face cleanser brush that delivers deep yet gentle facial scrubbing via innovative T-Sonic™ Technology. The ergonomic 3-zone brush is designed for all skin types.

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Hi people, as you already know I made a review  for Foreo LUNA and Foreo LUNA 2 and I LOVED IT!

Today I am writing about Foreo LUNA MINI. It's pretty much the same as LUNA and LUNA 2, but if you haven't seen those reviews, here is this one about LUNA Mini. 

What is FOREO? Foreo is Swedish brand which is a manufacturer of a few devices, such as LUNA Mini. It is small and fits in your hand, but it's making miracles. LUNA Mini cleanses the face with its pulsating technology, and thanks to reduced speed your face stays tight and firm. Its goal is to purify the skin without letting it loose and limp. It works on principle of cleaning one part of the skin for 15 seconds, and  then it warns you with vibrations to go on another part – it will take you 2 minutes per day (1 minute in the morning, and 1 minute in the evening). Skin will be soft and maximum clean. 




I split my face on 4 areas -  cheeks, chin, t-zone (forehead and nose) and area under my nose and above lip. I wash my face with warm water, remove makeup (this is very important because LUNA can't remove makeup, only leftover particles), I put cleanser on my LUNA Mini  ( I notices that it works the best if you put product directly on the device), except that, it's very important to mention that device is made from medical silicone so you shouldn't use peels because of rough particles in it, also don't use abrasive resources as it could damage the soft silicone brush. 

When I do all of this, cleaning starts, I'm cleaning one cheek for 15 seconds, then LUNA stops for litellary milisecond and warns you to go on another part. Then I go on other cheek, t-zone and chin. Even because its back side (I'll talk about it later) is made for t-zone and has thicker touch-points, I continue to use front side. 

Double pulsation means that LUNA works for one minute on your face, but if you want to continue to use it, after one minute Luna won't be warning you every 15 seconds. It's recommended ( I also say so) not to use it for more than those 3 minutes, especially on your T-zone. One minute of using it is totally enough – skin stays very clean. 




After 2 months of using LUNA Mini, I can say that my skin is visibly better - firm, soft, thight, glowy, clean and with less pimples and blackheads. Also, my regular skin products (moisturizers ) are apsorbing better than before, skin is normal, there isn't any dry area (I used to have dry areas around my nose and cheeks). Luna Mini reduces usage of peelings for 80% - now you'll have to do peeling only once a week (if you want).




There are three versions of LUNA on the market – LUNA, LUNA Mini and LUNA 2. All of them are made of medical silicone and only 2% of people is allergic on it, so it's safe for almost everyone. They are waterproof – you can use it in shower, for example while waiting for you hair mask to soak in. Great thing is that you don't have to change brushes, while with some sonic cleaners you have to. Once you charge it, you can use it for 450 times – isn't that awesome? Charging port is also waterproof, but of course you won't put it on charger while it's wet. . Also, it comes with 2 years limited warranty and 10 years quality guarantee. If it really can't be fixed, they'll give you 50%  discount to buy another one. 

It's compact for travelling because it's small and fits in every bag. As I said you can use it for 450 times – it means you won't have to bring charger on traveling. 




FOREO Luna is truly an amazing device and my No1 device for travelling. It combines T-sonic pulsations with non-abrasive bristles which are awesome for your skin. For those who prefer small devices, Foreo made LUNA Mini that is just as effective as first LUNA. Hopefully this review will help you decide which oneof these two to pick up. 

Both LUNA and LUNA Mini are made from non-porous medical silicone, so you don't have to worry about replacing brush head. Another thing that I love, they are both energy efficient. One charge lasts up to 450 times full routine. 

If you aren't sure which skin type are you, and you worry about picking the wrong one – Luna mini is universal. It's made for every skin type.  First LUNA has anti-aging side on the device, while LUNA Mini doesn't. Instead, it had thicker bristles made especially for T-zone.  After some time of using LUNAs anti-aging side, i haven't  seen any difference. It only helps to apsorbe my serums better into the skin. But, only time will tell. I think Luna Mini is the winner here, because all of us can use a deeper cleansing in the T-zone. 

First LUNA comes with 8 speed, while LUNA Mini with only 2. In my post about LUNA 2 I said that I'm using only 2 speeds, and thats enough for me.  The device will remember your speed and it will use that one next time you turn it on. 


Which one do you need? 


If you don't care about speeds, anti-aging benefits, or device tailored to your skin type - I recommend you going for LUNA Mini. It is a pretty good choice, results are visible, it fits in every cosmetic bag and doesn't take up a lot of space. First LUNA is, I would say, handier because it is bigger, it's easier to maneuver with it. Also, big advantage of LUNA Mini is the price. This is probably very important to a lot of you. Foreo is quite expensive, and if you wanted to buy LUNA but decided not to because of price, this is a great opportunity to experience what LUNA does. 

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