The LUNA skin cleaner

The LUNA skin cleansing system channels T-Sonic™ pulsations for exfoliation gentle enough for everyday use while incorporating anti-aging technology into its groundbreaking design.

Our review

Facial care is something I particularly care about and I never skip that step no matter how tired I am, and the results are definitely seen on the skin.  I love to take off my makeup in the evening after a long day, put some moisturizing cream on my face and go to bed, but sometimes it takes a lot of time. That’s why I want to introduce you with FOREO LUNA PLAY. Foreo Luna is a device that has caught the attention of many consumers recently. But is this face cleansing machine really what it claims to be? Can LUNA really make your skin care routine better and more effective? I guess these are some of the questions you want to know because LUNA is quite expensive, maybe some of you are on low budget and you don’t want to risk it. That’s why I’m here to help you. 


In this post I’ll also talk about Clarisonic, it will be  pretty long so bring yourself coffee, tea, juice or whatever you like to drink while you are reading this. 


My impressions and the way I use it


The LUNA silicone face care brush is available in 3 different models (blue, pink and gray) with a brush head adapted to a certain type of skin. Sometimes my T-zone gets oily but nothing terrible so I use one for sensitive skin. Foreo LUNA comes in mini version which has no anti-age function, just like Clarisonic. The difference in size is not too big. Both are handy, ideal for traveling -they don’t take a lot of space. 


Foreo Luna device has two main functions; to improve skin cleaning and to stimulate collagen production. The device achieves both of these objectives by utilizing sonic pulsations that are gently applied to the skin. FOREO device on its front side, which is made for cleansing, has bristles made of medical silicone which are meant to gently scrub the skin and remove dirt particles from your face and the rest of the makeup. In my opinion device is not made for removing makeup. You should remove makeup with micellar water (or with whatever you are taking your makeup off) and then device will remove the rest, if something is left on your face. Company claims that 98.5% of makeup residue is cleared out. The whole process takes 1 minute, but you can change speed. I always use the strongest for cleansing. LUNA is very smart, it remembers the speed you used and the same speed is used again next time while you are cleansing. Firstly, I clean my face with micellar water, then I put cleansing gel on wet face. You can lightly soak device in water and start to use it on your face. I go through one cheek for 15 seconds (you don’t need to worry about time, as I said LUNA is very smart – it signals to you to go to the next part of your face), after the signal I go to the forehead, and the last 15 seconds to the nose and chin. Foreo signals it is over, just press the middle button for pause. I wash my face with water, and my face is totally clean, soft, gentle and pores are visibly reduced. With FOREO face is well prepared for further care.  After that, I usually spray my face with tonic, leave it to dry, and then put oil (in the evening) or serum (morning) which I like to leave few minutes. Then I put cream and turn on anti-aging mode which with low frequency pulses through silicon grooves reduces visibility of the wrinkles. To achieve this, one side of the device has a relatively smooth surface, which pulsates more slowly. By applying this side of the device to the face for just a few minutes per day, the collagen in the skin is said to be stimulated, thus leading to tighter skin.


I believe this entire process seems to be so long and maybe tiring, but it is definitely not. It’s very easy to use and it’s over after 7 minutes, even though the device itself is used around 2 minutes.  After some time of using it skin is visibly clearer, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Skin became soft, gentle, glowy.. I really like that after using it skin is better prepared for serums and oils. The Foreo Luna is meant to be used twice per day, in the morning and at night, during your skin cleansing routine.


Tehnical things...


Big plus for FOREO LUNA is that you don’t have to change head, but with Clarisonic you have to change brushes. Silicone is for now immutable and very easy to clean. Another great thing that I like about FOREO is that you need to charge it just first day – for 1 hour (you can’t leave it on charger more than 24 hours) and it wont get empty for months.. It said that one charge can take up to 450 uses, which is really a lot. This makes it ideal for traveling with the fact that It only weighs 100 g. Great thing is that it is waterproof so you can use it while you are showering. 



LUNA has proven to be excellent product that has revitalized my skin in a short time. It became very bright fresh and smooth; it suddenly shone. It is great for cleansing which could best be seen on the pores. It is very gentle so I wondered can LUNA do something for my skin in just 1 minute? Foreo says it’s not advisable to treat your face longer than 3 minutes with one function. I still treat Anti-age function as a secondary function because it’s not realistic to expect some changes in short time. They also said when we are putting cleansing gel we shouldn’t use products that contain alcohol, petroleum products or acetone, as they could damage the skin.  Also, you should avoid products based on clay or silicone, as well as mechanical peels because they have coarse particles and they could damage the gentle silicone brush. It is a little expensive but the price is worth it considering that you will be using it for a long time. Most feedbacks from users are positive saying it is really a good skin care device and I also think so. 


LUNA cleans, nourishes and regenerates by providing precious and youthful skin. It has antibacterial points from medical silicone made for sensitive/normal skin.  T-Sonic pulses revitalize the skin by giving it its natural glow. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the low frequency mode. LUNA cleans considerably better and more efficiently than manual cleaning. At the same time its revolutionary design includes Anti-Aging technology.


LUNA’s benefits


There are facial cleaners on the market based on sonic methods, but you often need to replace their brush. Many manufacturers recommend changing brush every 3 months. With LUNA you won't have that problems – the silicone material which it is made from is significantly more resistant, is not easily destroyed  and is not prone to bacterial accumulation, so there is no need for replacement. On the financial side, LUNA has advantage over other products with similar effect and similar price, because once you buy it you will no longer have to invest in it.  Also, you have 2 years limited warranty and 10 years quality assurance. The product is backed by scientific data and is from a reputable skin care and wellness company. It is available in many parts of the world. The product offers both cleansing and anti-aging benefits


LUNA’s drawbacks 

The product has not undergone extensive independent testing for effectiveness and safety. Foreo LUNA is priced high, and the anti-aging benefits of the product are not proven.


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