While wearing this at the noon when the sun is strongest and brightest, you'll feel like a real glowing diva

The Diamond Ball-Out is available in a limited edition platinum shade to benefit the Clara Lionel Foundation, Rihanna’s non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 in honor of her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.

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This time, Rihanna - music and makeup queen created a highlighter that'll blow your mind. This Fenty Beauty Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter Review is about to light up your screen. So far, I love every Fenty Beauty product I've tried and I knew this silver highlighter was going to be my new obsession. In fact, every Killawatt formula seems to be perfect with a great glitter to glow balance. 



The latest Killawatt shade is the brightest one and the weirdest one. Weird in a positive way. It's not like every other highlighter – champange and gold and it's not an everyday highlighter for sure. You are probably asking yourself how does it look on the skin, is it dirty-looking, is it glowy and shimmery or where to apply it.. You can apply it everywhere you want. I started with my cheekbones and the other places I usually put highlighter on my face – bridge of the nose, brow bone, inner corners of the eyes and cheekbones. It looked stunning everywhere except on the nose, kind of weird and dirty, but that's just my opinion, I'm sure someone else would love this, wear it and rock it. But, I was impressed how it looked on my cheeks, I was GLOWING! Such a cool and different highlighter, I've never tried something like this before. It's so shiny you can almost see your reflection in it. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerting a little because I'm in shock, but the packaging has a mirror so you can really see yourself. You can also use this all over the body, I put it on my shoulders and collarbone for extra glow. It looks amazing! 



While wearing this at the noon when the sun is strongest and brightest, you'll feel like a real glowing diva, but you'll also feel proud. Why proud? Because every cent you spend on this limited-edition highlighter goes to a charity, and that's the most beautiful thing about this product. Instead of the usual Fenty Beauty logo, you'll notice that this product is emblazoned with what appears to be an artistically drawn face. Look a bit closer and you'll see that the face is made up of the letters C and L, which stand for Clara and Lionel — AKA Rihanna's grandparents. So Rihanna is not just a makeup and music queen, but also a humanitarian. She started her own charity in 2012 named The Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF). Charity gives access to educate and healthcare to people in need.  The Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter is the first product made specifically for the charity.

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