Lil Match Stix Duo Mini Shimmer Skinstick Set

Lil Match Stix Duo Mini Shimmer Skinstick Set

A limited-edition set of two mini Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks to highlight, bronze, and enhance on the fly.

Fenty Beauty is Rihanna’s popular makeup line that keeps breaking records in beauty industry. A week after launching Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava and Fairy Bomb, a 30 years old singer released mini versions of a popular Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks.

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This mega popular highlight and bronzer duo Rihanna named Lil Match Stix Duo Mini Shimmer Skinstick Set.  Set contains 2 sticks, she chose two bestselling ones of all 37 shades – Sinnamon (a cinnamon bronze) and Starstruck (an icy pearl).  According to Fenty Beauty, set is intended for customers who want to try Riri’s new collection and look glowy but are on budget. 



Full sized Shimmer Skinsticks come with 7.1 grams of product and Minis come with 2.8 grams. Also, Duo mini Shimmer Skinstick Set is cheaper than one Shimmer Skinstick. 



I have fallen in love with this highlighter and bronzer. The packing and container design has a luxury feel to it, and it's magnetic, so cool. I also like that the lid holds on tightly (I usually use every single lid of my makeup products). This is quite similar to my usual powder highlight that I use, except this shimmer stick is cream based. I prefer subtle glow so this is definitely my kind of highlight. I haven’t been using the bronzy shade much, as it’s too dark to be used as a highlight, and I like my bronzer to be matte (I tried it on my eyelids). But while it’s summer and I’m getting darker tan, I’m sure I’ll use it. I like the way it applies to the skin. If you are wearing foundation and full face of makeup, I recommend you putting this with your finger, as it could remove your makeup if you put it directly on the skin. I apply my Fenty pro filter foundation and then I dabbed with my fingers on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone. It will give you a nice, subtle, glowy, everyday look.  When I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but still look pretty and shimmery, I put a bronzy shade on my eyelids, blend it with my fingers and put the highlight shade in the inner corners of my eyes, on the brow bones and cheekbones. Don’t be afraid to layer these to get a unique glow.


I have never been in love with cream highlights and highlight sticks, but this one changed my mind. The formula is super creamy and easy to apply, but still doesn’t leave the skin greasy. In my opinion, it works the best on combined to oily skin. 


Rihanna wasn’t playing when she said she is going to change the makeup industry! 

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