MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix+

MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix+

Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ is a vitamin and mineral setting spray made to make your skin look flawless

Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ is a vitamin and mineral setting spray made to make your skin look flawless. It has more purpose – to make your makeup last longer, eyeshadow and highlighter more pigmented, you can use it as a primer, and last but not least – as a setting spray when your makeup is done. It is melting and combining all the powder to make your skin look smooth and less cakey. Product comes out as a perfect mist – it spreads nicely onto your face. When spraying, hold the bottle 20-25 cm away from face. It has a locking mechanism which makes it perfect for travelling. Scent is also really nice. Product itself feels refreshing on the skin, especially on those hot summer days.

Our review

Prep and Prime Fix+ can be used in so many ways – as a primer, setting spray, moisturizer and much more... In my opinion, this is one of the best makeup sprays on the market. 

I use this every time I do my makeup. Firstly, I spray my face with it and use it as a primer. When it comes to the highlighter, I spray my brush and dip into highlighter, that’s how you can get a better pigmentation. You can try this on eyeshadows too. But, the best function of this product is that it removes excess powder and leaves your skin looking natural and less cakey. 

My skin is acne prone, oily on the T-zone and dry everywhere else, but with this spray, even after hours and hours of wearing makeup, my face looks even on every part. T-zone isn’t oily and the rest of the face isn’t dry anymore. It’s a great for skin hydration. 

I highly recommend this product for every skin type. There is just so many things I love about it and so many different ways to use it. it is very natural and feels heavenly on the skin and also makes your foundation look flawless and last all day. 

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